Race #6 Premier ROCKSTAR Winter Off-Road Series

Portland’s most successful off-road series is back in full force at Premier R/C Raceway starting November 13th!

The ROCKSTAR Short Course Series was first started by Kyosho America/Team Orion USA Team Manager Joe Pillars, ROCKSTAR’s Joey Lancaster, & Portland R/C Raceway’s Owner Jim Dunlap 6 years ago. This Friday night series brought out many of the best Short Course racers from all around the North-West which produced countless epic battles and great times!

Last Year:
After a 3-year break, Kyosho America/Team Orion USA Team Manager Joe Pillars & Premier R/C Raceway’s Owner Bruce Lawson brought back this fun and competitive series.

The series will once again be held on Friday nights with the track open from 12:00pm to 6:45pm for practice with racing starting right at 7:00pm. The race entry will be $15.00 per class. This will be a 6 race series with 2 throw outs. 1 bonus point will be awarded for TQ.

We will run 2 5-Minute Qualifiers, 5-Minute Bump-Ups and Single 5-Minute A-Mains to help finish at a decent hour. We will resort after the first round of qualifying to allow for better racing. The top 6 drivers after qualifying is complete will go straight into the A-Main with a 2 car bump in the lower mains.

This just in! I am very excited to announce that AKA has just joined our ROCKSTAR Winter Off-Road Series this year as the Slick Handout Tire for all Buggy Classes! Premier will be offering these handout tires at a Special Series Price during each Friday night of the ROCKSTAR Series!
*No off-road foam or pin tires allowed

Series Classes:
1. Novice
2. Stock Buggy (17.5 Motor / 0-Timing & 0-Boost Mode)
3. 13.5 Stadium Truck
4. 2wd Modified Buggy
5. 4wd Modified Buggy
6. Pro 2
7. Pro 4

Series Race Schedule:
1 – November 13th
2 – December 11th
3 – January 1st
4 – January 15th
5 – February 5th
6 – February 26th

Series Points System:
1 Point for TQ
1st Place – 50
2nd Place – 49
3rd Place – 48
4th Place – 47
5th Place – 46 and so on…

Awards will be given out to the Top 10 in each class at the end of the Series. You must race at least 4 races to qualify for the overall awards!