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Track Rules

Our track is open to all 1/10th scale vehicles up to the size of a slash 4x4.

While using our track, please park your vehicle at the front, or back of the complex. Parking in front of the store is limited to 30 minutes. Please do not park in front of any other business in the complex as you may be towed!

All vehicles must be inspected by a staff member prior to being used on our track.

Maximum battery voltage allowed is 8.4 volts. This is equivalent to a 7 cell Ni-MH battery, or a 2S Lipo battery.

Vehicles must be clean and dry.

Vehicles must have an appropriate body at all times while on the track.

Do not walk on our jumps!!

Closed toed shoes are required.

Vehicles have the right of way. 

Never jump off the ground over an obstacle, or vehicle while walking out on the track.

Any damage to persons or property is your own responsibility.

Use the track at your own risk.

R/C Plus will not be held liable for damages, or injuries sustained while using our facility. 

By using our facility, you agree to all rules and terms set forth in this article.

Racing information

Tuesday night racing.

Our Tuesday night race program starts with the doors opening at 11am for practice.

Signups close at 6:00pm.

Racing starts at 6:30pm

We run 3 rounds total. 2 qualifiers, and 1 main.

Fees for Tuesday night are:

1st class $10.00

Each additional class $7.50

Transponders are required for club racing.

Saturday racing.

Saturday races start with doors opening at 9am for practice.

Signups close at 10:30am

Racing starts at 11:00am

Fees for Saturday are:

1st class $15.00

Each additional class $12.50

Transponders are required for club racing.


Racing rules.

We will not tolerate any sort of violent behavior. You will be asked to leave, or permanently banned from our facility!


Racers are required to sign up and pay for all classes before signups close. 

One pit spot allowed per person!! Please do not remove chairs for extra space as this means you are using more than one spot.

Racers must corner marshal the race that follows yours. If you have a disability that prevents you from doing so, please let us know ahead of time so we can get a volunteer marshal in your place.


All vehicles must have a chassis protector that fits your vehicle correctly. No duct tape allowed.

All vehicles must have a transponder that works with the Mylaps timing system.

Charging and discharging are capped at a maximum of 10amps. This is non negotiable and if you are caught charging/discharging at a higher amp rate, we will warn you once, and then ask you to leave.

Listen to the Race director!! They have the final say in all aspects of racing for the night. 

No arguing on the drivers stand! Friendly banter is fine.

Do not yell at corner marshals!! It is not their fault you crashed. If you have an issue with the way you were marshaled, speak with the race director.

Stock classes must be run in a "blinky" mode on your esc. No timing or boost is allowed for stock classes.


Clean up after yourselves. We have many garbage cans and recycling bins for cans and bottles.  If you leave a mess for our staff, you will not be welcome back again.

If you have any questions about our rules, or issues while racing with us, please speak with a store employee, or the on duty race director.

Last but not least, Have Fun!! 

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